B U I L D Y O U R B R A N D: A W A R D S & H O N O R S

Creative Director, George Delany
Women's Ad Club of Rhode Island, D I S T I N C T I O N S

An annual report for the Now Legal Defense and Education Fund, cited for design excellence.  

Honors & Distinctions: Work has been included in such notable publications, and included in collections including:  

American Institute of Graphic Arts 

ID Magazine 

Print Design Annual 

Graphis Poster Annual 

American Corporate Identity 

Famous Symbols and Trademarks of the World (Japan) 

(Smithsonian's) National Medical Archive 

Library of Congress 

National Monument at Ellis Island 

Graphic Design Collection of the MOMA, NYC 

NY Art Director's Club 

Ad Club of Boston 

Providence Art Club 

Women's Ad Club of RI 

David Charles Gallery 

Sheldon Fine Art Gallery of Newport, RI 

Reagan Collection 

Iacocca Collection 

Perot Collection 

The Barreto Collection 

The Finn-Foley Collection 

The Robert Sparrow Collection 

The Frances M. Jones Collection 

...and in many other personal and corporate collections.